In my last blog post, introduced a new blog series around the subject of Static Websites. I strongly recommend reading the introduction if you’re unfamiliar with this. In this post I’ll be looking into the possibilities of hosting your static website on Microsoft Azure. If you already have a static copy of your website at the ready, sign up for $200 in Free Azure credits and follow along. Static web app hosting on Azure Hosting options in Azure In Azure there are a number of options for hosting your website.

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As you may have noticed from my last blog post, I’ve been invested into using a static website to serve, among other platforms, my personal blog. This is a shift occurring mostly in the opensource world and specifically content that doesn’t change too often and/or needs to be archived. Think of version documentation of a project or publications. I’m writing a series of blog posts on this subject and how you can use Microsoft Azure to deploy your latest static adventure.

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Martijn is a Microsoft certified Azure Architect, loves to play with and share new tech with others.

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