I left home today at 04:00AM after not sleeping. Shortly after my friend Rick drove me to Schiphol Amsterdam airport where we arrived at around 6AM, checking in wasn’t starting until 06:30AM so we stopped for a drink. Shortly after 06:30AM, I checked my bag and I was ready to go. Well .. ready to wait to go that is. My flight didn’t go until 09:30AM. Ultimately I was on my way with a 757-200 plane. It was a nice flight, staff was friendly, food wasn’t bad, service was great. Had a Dutch couple next to me which were real friendly and nice to talk to. I was up for about 30 hours straight before I finally could get some rest. Slept for a few hours, seats were OK I guess.

Later on I arrived at Newark, New York a tad early. I was lucky with the security and customs, very short line and lines were often cut open for me and few others. Guess that tip from Klaas really helped after all. However I didn’t like the staff and cleanliness of the Newark airport. The restrooms were a mess, staff weren’t very nice/friendly, food there was a mess. Not sure if it’s just bad luck or it’s because New Yorkers are less friendly by nature? Also .. since when does one have to take of their shoes when going through security. What the … Really guys .. you can take it too far..

Had to wait another 3 hours for my flights to connect. I’m writing this as I’m watching the CSI-LV episode for the second time today on the inflight entertainment system. The system on the second flight (Newark -> Orlandlo) just simply sucked howver the system of the first one was great! It had a large touch screen with a large library with on-demand media. Tv episodes, movies, music etc. Real nice system! Enjoyed Austin Powers 1 yet again! Also .. inflight entertainment system + touch screen + soduko (and other games) = total win 😀

Overall I’m liking the service of Continental Airlines. Looking back at the online checkin system, I could easily reduce my layover time. But that could also be luck as all my flights were on time, and arrived early at destinations. I’m hoping the rest of this last flight in won’t be too shabby. Can’t wait to hit up my hotel in a couple of hours. Ugh.

Update: Ok finally in my room now. It’s 09:26PM now and I’m really tired now. Got some more sleep on the second flight which was nice. Staff could have been nicer on the second flight tough. Waiting for the shuttle took FOREVER. On top of that, there were like 10 people in the mini-van, each with different hotels all across Orlando. There is a small family-diner next to the hotel, Village Inn, great stuff! Cheap and great food. Really helped after such a long journey. Staff was great. If you’re ever in Orlando: Village Inn Restaurant.

Ps. Took a bunch of photos and made a mini video of the flight thingy. Upload them tomorrow.

pps. Rick, your camera rocks 😀 Thanks for all your help!

Check out this Flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157605519841897/

Keynote photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157605553414874/