This is one of the most meaningfull images I’ve seen all month..

Reservation Email Reservation Email

Why? you might ask.. Well .. just a little while ago I wrote about Sherweb eating my email and how it kinda pissed me off. One example was my hotel reservation I made about a month ago. Didn’t recieve the email at all. Even if I forwarded it myself using Windows Live Mail…

As DNS is updating (after correcting some server-side errors for the MX records) most of my email is coming in at the new server. Quickly I tested the (for me now famous “hoteltest”) spam filter on the new server by forwarding the email again to my mailbox.

A blank email with the url “” went straight for the Junk Mail folder. However the forward of the orginal message went great and it landed securely in my inbox (or Postvak IN)!

Meaningless to you, allot to me 😉