This is one of the most meaningfull images I’ve seen all month.. Reservation Email Why? you might ask.. Well .. just a little while ago I wrote about Sherweb eating my email and how it kinda pissed me off. One example was my hotel reservation I made about a month ago. Didn’t recieve the email at all. Even if I forwarded it myself using Windows Live Mail…

I’ve had it with Sherweb. If you didn’t know, I had my 3GB hosted Exchange account hosted at Sherweb for about 5 to 6 months now and overall the overall experience was great. However, there was one thing that was bothing me: I didn’t get all my email. Let me explain.. I set up my account and made sure the DNS settings for my domain were properly set. They were and in no time the account was up and running using Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Windows Mobile 6.

Woke up at 6:30AM. Met colleague Sumeeth Evans at breakfast. Sumeeth and I will be working together to write up on articles for We left for the center by half past 7 and walked all the way over. It was a bit warm but doable. Upon arrival we quickly regged up Sumeeth, and we headed over to the special press room. DAMN! I’m loving my presscard! A nice large room with nice leather seats, couches and special workdesktops for pressmembers to work at.

Woke up this morning around 8:30AM after sleeping very sound for over 9 hours straight. Felt great just to lie down and get off your feet. Checked out my room.. it’s a very nice hotel. Room is OK .. it’s clean and large enough. 4 people could sleep here but I wouldn’t recommend it. Bathroom is good and all services provided are great. Grabbed breakfast real quick here in the hotel.

I left home today at 04:00AM after not sleeping. Shortly after my friend Rick drove me to Schiphol Amsterdam airport where we arrived at around 6AM, checking in wasn’t starting until 06:30AM so we stopped for a drink. Shortly after 06:30AM, I checked my bag and I was ready to go. Well .. ready to wait to go that is. My flight didn’t go until 09:30AM. Ultimately I was on my way with a 757-200 plane.

Microsoft Tech-Ed for IT Pros 2008 Leaving tommorow for Orlando, Florida. I will be reporting on Microsoft TechEd for IT Professionals on behalf of partner blog: Will update this blog on more personal matters. Check out for latest updates on TechEd 2008!

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Martijn is a Microsoft certified Azure Architect, loves to play with and share new tech with others.

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