Woke up this morning around 8:30AM after sleeping very sound for over 9 hours straight. Felt great just to lie down and get off your feet. Checked out my room.. it’s a very nice hotel. Room is OK .. it’s clean and large enough. 4 people could sleep here but I wouldn’t recommend it. Bathroom is good and all services provided are great. Grabbed breakfast real quick here in the hotel.

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I left home today at 04:00AM after not sleeping. Shortly after my friend Rick drove me to Schiphol Amsterdam airport where we arrived at around 6AM, checking in wasn’t starting until 06:30AM so we stopped for a drink. Shortly after 06:30AM, I checked my bag and I was ready to go. Well .. ready to wait to go that is. My flight didn’t go until 09:30AM. Ultimately I was on my way with a 757-200 plane.

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Microsoft Tech-Ed for IT Pros 2008 Leaving tommorow for Orlando, Florida. I will be reporting on Microsoft TechEd for IT Professionals on behalf of partner blog: Bink.nu. Will update this blog on more personal matters. Check out Bink.nu for latest updates on TechEd 2008!

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Martijn is a Microsoft certified Azure Architect, loves to play with and share new tech with others.

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